Pedicab License

This license is for any non-motorized three-wheeled bicycle used for the transportation for hire of passengers. If you have questions, request a DSI Licensing representative at (651) 266-8989 or email the DSI Message Center (



Pedicab: A non-motorized three-wheel bicycle used to carry passengers for hire or similar vehicle with an electric motor that meets the requirement for an electric-assisted bicycle under Minnesota Statue, section 169.011, subdivision 27, clause (3).

Pedicab Business: The business of operating a pedicab for the hire for the recreational or physical transportation of the general public.  

Pedicab Driver: Any person who operates, drives, or propels a pedicab.

Pedicab Driver License: A license granted in accordance with Section 375.5(b) of this chapter


Code Requirements
Search Chapter 375 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for applicable ordinance regulating the licensing of “Pedicabs.”

Application Requirements

You must submit a:


Pedicab Overview





Renewal - per year


Duplicate Badge - per request




A pedal car Driver License will expire one year from date of issuance and may be renewed annually.



Last Edited: April 6, 2021