Liquor - On Sale (Temporary) Brewery/Distillery License


A brewer who manufactures fewer than three thousand five hundred (3,500) barrels of malt liquor in a year, or a micro distillery may obtain a temporary on-sale license to sell intoxicating liquor for consumption on the licensed premise only and in connection with a social event within the City sponsored by the licensee. The city shall not authorize more than (3) four-day, four (4) three-day, six (6) two-day or twelve (12) one-day temporary licenses, in any combination not to exceed twelve (12) days per year for the sale of intoxicating liquor to any one (1) location within the city for a twelve -month period. The city may not issue more than one (1) such license to any one (1) brewery or micro distillery or any one (1) location, within a thirty-day period unless the licenses are issued in connection with an event officially designated a community festival by the municipality. If you have questions, contact DSI at 651-266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.  

Code Requirements     

See Chapter 409.25 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about temporary on sale liquor licenses.

Application Requirements

  • Class T City License Application
  • State of Minnesota Temporary License Application
  • Brewery may not produce more than three thousand five hundred (3,500) barrels of malt liquor in a year. 
  • A letter of intent for requesting the temporary license (including the nature of the event, whether it is public or private, address of the event, date and hours during which liquor will be sold / served.)
  • A letter of consent from owner lawfully responsible for premise for which license is requested
  • A Liquor Liability Certificate of Insurance (including the corporate name, DBA, event address, policy number, dates of liquor coverage)
  • A copy of state brewers/micro distillers license or a copy of taproom/cocktail room license. 
  • Required fee

All non-profits serving alcohol must complete Alcohol Awareness training once in a 12-month period Contact Steve Trimble at the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association at 651-772-0910 to set up training in advance of your event.


This license requires inspection approval from the Minnesota Department of Health 651-201-4500 and Licensing 651-266-8989.


The fee for a Liquor On Sale (Temporary) License $53.00 per day of each event. The fee for Alcohol Awareness Training is $25.00 per year.


A Liquor On Sale (Temporary) License is valid only during the date(s) of the specific event.