These licenses are for any natural person, partnership, or corporation, either as a principal or agent or employee thereof, who exercises, carries on, or engages in the trade or business of secondhand motor vehicle dealer or secondhand motor vehicle parts dealer. 

Motor vehicle - means any self-propelled vehicle not operated exclusively upon railroad tracks and any vehicle propelled or drawn by a self-propelled vehicle and includes vehicles known as trackless trolleys which are propelled by electric power obtained from overhead trolley wires but not operated upon rails.

These requirements for these licenses shall not apply to premises upon which vehicles are accumulated and dismantled. Such premises, and the persons engaged in business thereon, shall be licensed as motor vehicle salvage dealers.

Code Requirements 

See Chapter 401 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about secondhand dealers.

Secondhand Dealer – Motor Vehicle Application Requirements

Secondhand Dealer - Motor Vehicle Parts Application Requirements

  • License Application Requirements for Secondhand Dealer - Motor Vehicle Parts License
  • Class N License Application
  • Class N License District Council Form 
  • If incorporated or partnership, provide: A copy of your company’s Certificate of Incorporation from the Minnesota Secretary of State (SOS), or proof of current registration with the SOS, demonstrating you have legal authorization to operate within Minnesota AND one of the following,
    • A signed statement listing the owners of the corporation (including the percentage of ownership held by each individual) OR;
    • Minutes of the first corporate meeting, elections of officers, and desire of corporation to enter business involving the sale and service of secondhand motor vehicle parts (the first corporate meeting minutes should include the distribution / allocation of corporate shares).
  • Cover Letter/Business plan including hours of operation, maximum number of vehicles displayed, location of any remote storage lot (if applicable), location of vehicle repair, etc.
  • Business Purchase Agreement
  • Lease Agreement, Purchase Agreement, or Proof of Ownership
  • A security bond of at least $5,000.


Your application will be administratively reviewed by DSI Licensing, Zoning and Fire Inspection staff. This review may include on-site inspections(s) to verify compliance with applicable regulations. You will be informed of any required inspections including the name and telephone number of the inspector after the submission of a completed license application. The location must be in compliance with all applicable regulations and/or license conditions before any license may be issued.


See Fee Table for current license fees.


A Secondhand Dealer – Motor Vehicle and a Secondhand Dealer – Motor Vehicle Parts License will expire one year from the date of issuance and may be renewed annually.

Last Edited: February 9, 2024