These licenses are for any person who sells or offers for sale goods or wares at any point or place in the City of Saint Paul that are not from a permanent store front. If you have questions, contact DSI at 651-266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.

Peddler means any person who shall sell or offer for sale goods or wares, or other articles of value including event tickets The term "peddler" shall not apply to any person who may sell or peddle the products of the farm or garden occupied and cultivated by themselves or who sells at a stand at one (1) of the public markets. 

Solicitor means any person traveling either by foot, motor vehicle, or any other type of conveyance from place to place, house to house, or street to street, taking or attempting to take orders for sale of goods, wares, merchandise, for future delivery, whether or not such individual carries or exposes for sale a sample of the subject of such sale; provided, however, that this chapter shall apply only to solicitors who demand, accept or receive payment or deposit of money in advance of final delivery, and provided that he is not a transient merchant or peddler as defined herein. 

Transient merchant means any person, individual, co-partnership and corporation, both as principal and agent, who engages in, does or transacts any temporary and transient business in this state, either in one (1) locality or in traveling from place to place in this state, selling goods, wares and merchandise, and who, for the purpose of carrying on such business, hires, leases, occupies or uses a building, structure, vacant lot or railroad car for the exhibition and sale of such goods, wares and merchandise. 

Application Requirements

Peddlers, Solicitors, and Transient Merchants licenses each require the following:

  • DSI Class R License Application
  • A brief description of the nature of the business and the goods to be sold.
  • An identification photograph of the applicant/license holder will be taken at by DSI staff at the time of application then annually at the time of renewal then a license badge is provided that must be worn in a conspicuous place on outer clothing when conducting sales.
  • Required fees. 

A Peddler license requires the following additional form: 

A Transient Merchant License requires the following additional information: 

  • Location and written permission from property owner to display merchandise and conduct sales at the address.
  • Description of items to be offered for sale, transaction types (cash, credit, preorder, etc.), dates and times, plus current employer and place of business.
  • Site plan for outdoor sales indicating property lines, all equipment and furniture to be placed on the lot in relation to operations (ex. cash register/computer, electric supply, merchandise display types, other’s sales booths/spaces, portable toilets, product storage, seating, tables, tents, etc.), current parking spaces, curb cuts, pedestrian access points, building structures, etc. 
  • Floorplan for indoor sales indicating all equipment and furniture to be placed in room in relation to operations (ex. cash register/computer, electric supply, merchandise display types, seating, tables, etc.), building entries/exits and entries/exits to sales space, other’s sales booths/spaces, etc.
  • Description of any vehicle(s) to be used including license plate number or other means of identification.

*Transient merchants must provide the above required details a minimum of fifteen business days prior to conducting operations at any location not specified on the original application for a compliance review* 

A Solicitor License requires the following additional items.

  • A $1,000 City of Saint Paul Uniform License and Permit Bond Each individual obtaining a Solicitor License must have a Surety Bond issued in their name.
    • Note: The bond must be obtained from an agency authorized to do business in the State of Minnesota.
  • If a vehicle is to be used, a description of the same, together with license number or other means of identification.


Your application will be administratively reviewed by DSI Licensing and Zoning. 


See Fee Table for current License fees.


Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants licenses granted expire one (1) year from date of original application and may be renewed annually. 

Code Requirements

See Chapter 345 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about Peddlers, Solicitors and Transient Merchants. 

Peddling Restrictions at specific locations?

Peddling is prohibited within the State Capitol complex buildings and grounds and the Saint Paul River Centre complex buildings and grounds. Peddling is also prohibited at any park or parkway, building or place under the jurisdiction of the director of parks and recreation unless by the permission of said director or by some person duly authorized by the director and subject to such rules and regulations as the director shall prescribe. Peddling is not prohibited if the activity takes place on land owned or leased by said person.

Similar Uses

Outdoor sales on private property are subject to a zoning review. Please contact 651-266-9008 or DSI-ZoningReview@stpaul.gov for more information on Outdoor Commercial Use requirements.

A Mobile Retail License is required to sell or offer to sell non-food merchandise from a vehicle on the right-of-way. Please visit the Mobile Retail License webpage for more information.  

Garage/yard sales are permitted on residential properties without a city license. A maximum of three (3) sales per year is allowed with each event not to exceed seventy-two (72) consecutive hours. Items being sold must be owned by the occupant and not purchased for resale. 

Home businesses are permitted, but must adhere to home occupation requirements. Please visit the Zoning Permits and Land Uses webpage for more information or contact Zoning at 651-266-9008 or at DSI-ZoningReview@stpaul.gov

Last Edited: June 10, 2024