An establishment with a current State of Minnesota Liquor Catering Permit issued by the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division (AGED) and NO City of St. Paul On Sale Liquor License. The holder of a State Catering Permit who wishes to obtain a temporary liquor license in the City shall provide the appropriate information before the temporary license can be approved by the Department of Safety & Inspections. If you have questions, contact DSI at 651-266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 409 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information regarding On Sale Liquor - Temporary Licenses. 

Application Requirements

You  must submit the following:

  • Class T City License Application
  • Copy of current State Catering Permit issued by the State of MN Alcohol Gambling and Enforcement Division
  • A letter of intent for requesting the temporary license (including the nature of the event, whether it is public or private, address of the event, date and hours during which liquor will be sold / served, approximate number of participants, the security that will be provided and the proposed use and disbursement of profits from the sales)
  • A letter of consent allowing alcohol service from owner lawfully responsible for premise where alcohol will be served indicating the address/location for which license is requested
  • A diagram showing the liquor service area and the security that will be provided
  • Required fee


This review may include on site inspections(s) to verify compliance with applicable regulations.


See Fee Table for current License fees. 


A Liquor/Catering On Sale (Temporary) License is valid only during the date(s) of the specific event.

Last Edited: November 15, 2023