City of Saint Paul Regulations

For the proper identification of all houses, buildings, and structures now existing within the City of Saint Paul, the official number shall be placed and maintained on each house, building, and structure by its owner at or near both front and rear entrances.

The number must be placed in such a manner that the number may be easily and clearly seen and read during the hours of darkness as well as daylight from the public street or alley.

If it is not practical to place the number at or near the building entrance, it shall be placed and maintained by the owner in such other suitable location that it can be clearly seen from the street or alley.

Basic Specifications for House Numbers:

  1. The numbers must be at least four inches high.
  2. The numbers must be in contrast with the building.
  3. The numbers, or the background, must be reflectorized.
  4. Non-reflectorized numbers must be illuminated at night.
  5. The numbers must be clearly seen from the street.

Last Edited: January 12, 2022