Saint Paul’s property code protects the health, safety and welfare of our city’s built environment and all who live, work, and visit here. The City sets standards for all buildings, including light, ventilation, heating and sanitation, overcrowding and other issues that impact public health and safety. Code Enforcement enforces these property standards throughout the City.

Department of Safety and Inspections’ (DSI) City Code Enforcement inspectors perform tens of thousands of inspections on properties each year, while Fire Safety inspectors ensure that more than 4,000 commercial and residential buildings are certified for safety and habitability.

Saint Paul does not issue a rental license to landlords; however, the City does require that buildings have a Fire Certificate of Occupancy. The certificate of occupancy ensures that at the time of inspection a building meets all relevant codes to maintain the health, safety and welfare of the building's occupants and the public. For detailed information about the Certificate of Occupancy program, visit Maintaining Your Property. 

Property owners must register vacant buildings with DSI. To be considered vacant, buildings must meet certain criteria, including but not limited to: Building is unoccupied and unsecured, it is a dangerous structure or condemned, or it has multiple Building Code violations, among other factors.


  • The City’s Planning and Economic Development Housing Division works to ensure access to quality housing for all who live in Saint Paul by providing financial assistance for construction and renovations; foreclosure prevention and counseling; enforcing Fair Housing protections and more.
  • If you need immediate help paying for rent, mortgage, utilities or car repairs, contact Ramsey County Emergency Assistance at 651-266-4884.

Last Edited: May 11, 2023