Property owners must register buildings with the City if the building is unoccupied and:

  • Unsecured, or
  • Secured by other than normal means, or
  • A dangerous structure, or
  • Condemned, or
  • Has multiple housing or Building Code violations, or
  • Is condemned and illegally occupied, or
  • Is unoccupied for a period of time longer than one year during which time the Enforcement Officer has issued an order to correct nuisance conditions.

To learn how to register a vacant building and for details on the City’s vacant buildings program, visit this page: Vacant Building Program.

Vacant Building Sales

The Vacant Building Sale Review - Informational Packet offers the steps needed for the sale or purchase of a Category II Registered Vacant Building. Read the packet for a full understanding of the City’s Vacant Buildings Program and what’s required to sell or buy any category  (I, II, or III) of a Vacant Building. 

Last Edited: May 11, 2023