Plantings in City boulevards must follow these guidelines:

  1. Plantings must be maintained so that they are not hanging over onto the sidewalk, curb, or street.
  2. Plantings may include flowers, vegetables, or other plants, but not noxious weeds (Noxious weeds are those annual, biennial, and perennial plants determined by the commissioner of agriculture to be injurious to public health, the environment, public roads, crops, livestock, and other property, as set forth in Minn. Rules 1505.0730).
  3. No herbicides, pesticides, and/or fertilizers may be used to maintain these gardens without written approval of the City forester. Approvals should specify the type and amount of herbicide, pesticide, and/or fertilizer which is permitted.
  4. Plantings may not be allowed to grow higher than 36 inches.
  5. Plantings within 30 feet of any intersection may not grow higher than 18 inches.
  6. Plantings within five feet of any alley or driveway may not be higher than 18 inches.
  7. Plantings within 10 feet of street sections that do not have parking lanes may not exceed 18 inches.
  8. Plantings within 10 feet of street sections where rush hour or 24-hour “no parking” restrictions apply may not exceed 18 inches.

Property owners also need written documentation that they have contacted Gopher State One Call for utility locations 48 hours before digging and are planning plantings that will not interfere with the utilities.

For questions on a boulevard garden or to notify the City of a garden not in compliance with the ordinance, call 651-266-8989.

Last Edited: December 18, 2021