Truth in Sale of Housing

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City of St Paul Truth-In-Sale of Housing Program

The Saint Paul Truth-in-Sale of Housing disclosure report is an visual overview of the building components and fixtures. This required report is to inform prospective buyers of the observed condition of a dwelling at the time of the evaluation. The disclosure report is intended to provide basic information to the home buyer and the seller prior to the time of sale.

Prospective buyers may also seek additional opinions or more detailed inspections from various experts in the home inspection field prior to purchase.

The Saint Paul Truth-in-Sale of Housing Program is "disclosure only," with one exception. The only item that must be remedied is the lack of a hard-wired smoke alarm (HWSA - Item No. 41 on the Disclosure Report). If there is no Hard-Wired Smoke Alarm (HWSA) functioning and have the proper wiring present in the single family home then the owner/seller will be required to have one installed and verified by the permit process. Installation must be done after pulling an electrical permit for smoke alarm (HWSA). Homestead homeowner may get the permit if the wiring already exist. If the work requires to add in the proper wiring then you must hire a licensed contractor to complete the work or if you are not the homestead home owner.  Once the work is complete please call for the "final" inspection to close the permit properly.

Buyer/Seller Information

This Truth-in-Sale of Housing disclosure report must be conspicuously displayed at the premises for all prospective buyers to see.  A valid disclosure report, or an Alternatively Accepted* report, issued under the ordinance shall be provided to the buyer before or at the time of sale of the dwelling. Disclosure reports shall be prepared and signed only by an independent evaluator who has been certified as a Truth in- Sale of Housing evaluator under the ordinance. Reports are valid for one (1) year from the date of evaluation.The City of Saint Paul requires only one inspection (report) to be done and available on residential properties for sale. Inspection reports are only valid for one year (365 days) from the date of the inspection.  

Failure to obtain a Truth-in-Sale of Housing disclosure report as required by Chapter 189 or failure to make that disclosure report available to prospective buyers, is a violation of law and is punishable as a misdemeanor carrying up to 90 days in jail and/or a $1,000.00 fine. 

TISH Requirement to Post the Report - Chapter 189.03 of the St. Paul Legislative Code


Alternatively Accepted Disclosure Reports

Alternatively Accepted disclosure reports may be used in lieu of the Truth-in-Sale of Housing report. Either of these Alternatively Accepted disclosure reports must be less than one year old and meet the definition of an Alternatively Accepted City Inspection Report in the ordinance, Chapter 189.01.  The same disclosure requirements apply; “conspicuously display at the premises within three (3) calendar days of any such action.

  1. A valid certificate of code compliance.
  2. Orders from a certificate of code compliance inspection as set forth in section 33.06 of this Legislative Code.
  3. A current Certificate of Occupancy issued by the Department of Safety and Inspections Fire Prevention Certificate of Occupancy Program.

TISH Evaluators

Saint Paul TISH Evaluators are private contractors, not employees of the City. The City maintains a list of licensed Evaluators. You may hire an Evaluator through a Realtor or agent as long as the evaluator you hire is licensed by the City of Saint Paul. The City will not recommend an Evaluator. The City does not monitor, regulate, guarantee or set the fees charged by Evaluators.

Evaluator Resources 


Truth-in-Sale of Housing Informational Documents

Saint Paul City Ordinances relevant to Truth-in-Sale of Housing

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City of Saint Paul Truth-in-Sale of Housing Board

The Truth In Sale of Housing board meets quarterly. The meetings are set by ordinance to be on the 2nd Wednesday of January, April, July and October. Meetings are held at the DSI Office from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (CST).  Contact the program administrator for details of any meeting.

To apply to be a TISH Board member, apply through the Mayor's Board's and Commissions Website

Truth-in-Sale of Housing General Inquiries

Phone: 651-266-8989
Fax: 651-266-1919

Department of Safety and Inspections

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