Cable Franchise in Saint Paul

The City of Saint Paul administers a cable television franchise (Comcast) for Saint Paul. Comcast's cable TV franchise was extended for ten years and will expire June 30, 2025.

The Office of Cable Communications oversees the daily administration of the cable franchises, including provisions pertaining to:

As the name implies, cable TV franchise pertains only to cable television services provided by the cable company.  Per federal law, the City has a limited or nonexistent role in the regulation of the cable company's internet and telephone services.

The Saint Paul Legislative Code provides complete information about the terms and conditions of the cable franchise ordinance -- Chapter 430.

What To Do if You Have a Cable TV Related Complaint

First, contact Comcast if you have questions or problems with your cable television service. Comcast can be reached at 651-222-3333, or visit the Xfinity Store at 2050 Ford Parkway, Saint Paul.

If after you have contacted Comcast you believe the issue is still unresolved, we will then be happy to assist you. Call the Office of Cable Communications at 651-266-8870 or submit a complaint using this form.   

Cable Discount

The City of Saint Paul is the only city in Minnesota to offer its residents the ability to receive a discount on cable television services based on age, income and/or disability. The Comcast cable franchise discount applies to seniors (65 and older), persons who are disabled or persons economically disadvantaged.  A Comcast subscriber need only meet one of these criteria to receive the discount.*

The Comcast discount applies to:

  • $1 or 10% off basic cable TV service each month, whichever is greater
  • 10% off other cable TV services each month

*Note, Comcast customers that receive bundled services or promotional discount(s), are ineligible to receive any further discounts including this cable discount.  Additionally, the discount does NOT apply to telephone and data/internet services. 

The discount is available to new and existing Comcast cable customers, but it is not automatic, nor retroactive. You must contact Comcast to begin the process. If you think you are eligible for a discount on your cable services, or have other questions, call Comcast Customer Service at 651-222-3333.

Last Edited: August 24, 2021