Please call Customer Service at 651-266-6350 and press "0" to speak with a representative so that we can prepare a final bill for the change in occupancy.

In order for us to appropriately bill the person(s) responsible for the water used during residency, we need the following information:

For owners:

The new or previous owner

  • a water meter reading taken on the day of closing
  • the forwarding address of the previous owner
  • the new owner’s name and telephone number

For tenants:

You or the owner should call and provide:

  • a water meter reading taken on the last day of occupancy
  • if you are moving out: your forwarding address and the name of the new tenant
  • if you are moving in: the name and address of the former tenant
  • the owner’s name, address and phone number

In some instances, we may ask for additional information to help complete or records on the property.

How to read the meter

The water meter is located in the basement of the property; it sits about a foot off the floor. Read the numbers from left to right, like a car odometer. Please report all nine numbers.


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