All Saint Paul residential properties with 1-4 units, including rentals and townhomes, must each have a garbage cart and service per unit under the new citywide garbage service program. 

For properties with 1-4 units - Residential Garbage Information

Multi-unit buildings with 5 or more units should continue with their current services with their garbage provider. If your building needs to sign up for garbage service, contact any licensed residential hauler to compare availability and pricing.

For properties with 5 or more units - Commercial Garbage Information

Opting-In (for 5+ Unit Residential or Mixed-Use Properties)

A multi-unit or townhome building with more than four dwelling units may opt in to citywide garbage service if all units within the building agree to opting in. Each unit must be serviced by individual garbage carts (i.e., not a common dumpster).  Properties with mixed commercial/residential use may also opt in. Once a property or association has chosen to participate, there is no option to withdraw. Commercial properties may not opt in to citywide garbage service.

Download the Opt-In Application Form and return the completed application to your designated hauler. You can find your hauler's information by using our interactive map.


If you are a renter in an apartment building, please contact your landlord, property owner, or property management company to discuss your garbage service needs.

Property owners should contact the property’s designated hauler to sign up for any additional garbage services, such as bulky item collection, yard waste collection, service hold, or walk-up service for their rental properties. Learn more here.

Quantity & Storage of Carts

Under citywide garbage service, each unit must receive its own garbage cart and service.  There are no options for opting out or sharing of garbage service between buildings or units.

The citywide garbage program is only for service with wheeled, lidded carts. There is no option for dumpster service.

If you have a unique circumstance at your property that prevents carts from being collected at their collection point, you can contact the designated hauler for your property and they will work with you to find a solution for where best to place your carts. You can find your hauler's information by using our interactive map.

Private Roads

If you need your garbage collected from a private roadway or alley, the owner(s) of the private roadway must sign a release allowing your garbage hauler to collect along such private roadway.  Without a signed release form, your hauler will service garbage carts from the nearest public roadway only, and will not enter the private road or alley.

To allow collection from a private roadway, download the release form and send it to your designated hauler directly. You can find your hauler's information by using our interactive map.


Property owners are responsible for paying their quarterly bill statements. Haulers will accept payments by check, money order, automatic payments, online website payment, and/or debit/credit card over the phone.

For townhome associations that currently manage garbage service on behalf of residents and pay the garbage hauler with a single invoice, you may request to continue that practice.  Please contact the designated hauler for the property to inquire about the billing process. 

For questions about your bill, contact your designated hauler directly. You can find your hauler's information by using our interactive map.

Additional Pick-Up

If, at any point, you need to arrange for garbage or debris removal service beyond your normal garbage service (such as a move-out, remodel, or large clean-out), you may contact your designated hauler to determine pricing for this service. You may also contract with any licensed waste hauler or one-time clean-up company to schedule a pick-up for large quantities of waste or debris.

Last Edited: April 29, 2022