Residents last garbage collection day with current cart and haulers to be week of September 24-28

Saint Paul’s Citywide Garbage Service Set to Launch on October 1 

SAINT PAUL (September 21, 2018) – Saint Paul’s new Citywide Garbage Service is on track to launch on October 1, 2018. In less than two weeks, approximately 73,000 Saint Paul households will transition to the new citywide garbage service.

“We are working closely with all the haulers and I am pleased to report we are on track and ready to launch Saint Paul’s citywide garbage service on October 1,” said Kathy Lantry, Director of Saint Paul Public Works. “This is one of the largest systematic changes Saint Paul has seen in many years. These next couple weeks will be exciting as more than 73,000 homeowners switch over to using their new garbage carts on new collection days with their new haulers.”

To ensure a smooth transition, there are several important dates and actions for all Saint Paul property owners to know and do:

Now through September 28: Property owners should make sure that they have received a new garbage cart, and should be looking for their first quarterly garbage bill from their new hauler.

Since mid-August, the city has been delivering new, city-owned garbage carts to all residential properties with 1 to 4 units. Approximately 7,500 garbage carts will be delivered in the next week as the city completes cart delivery. Residents should place their new cart in a secure location and not use it until after September 28. 

Property owners should also expect to see their first bill from their new garbage hauler around September 22. This quarterly bill reflects the new garbage service from October 1 – December 31, 2018.

September 24-28: Property owners should use their current garbage cart for their final collection with their current hauler.

Saint Paul property owners will have their last garbage collection day with their current hauler the week of September 24-28. Residents must use their current garbage cart – not the new, city-owned cart, for garbage to be collected. Following this last collection, residents are asked to keep their old garbage cart empty so it can be properly collected in the coming weeks.

In addition, residents do not need to cancel their current garbage service. All garbage haulers will automatically cancel their current service on September 30, and service under the new contract will begin for residents on October 1.

October 1-5: Place your new garbage cart out on your new collection day to be picked up by the hauler designated to your neighborhood.

After residents have had their final garbage collection the week of September 24-28, they can start placing bagged garbage in their new city-owned garbage carts. All residents will begin their new garbage collection day with their new hauler designated to their neighborhood the week of October 1-5. To find out the collection day for your property, please visit or call the garbage information line at 651-266-6101.

Removal of Old Garbage Carts
Starting on September 24, some garbage haulers will begin to remove their old garbage carts after the final collection. All other garbage carts will be removed by zones in the following weeks. To learn more about the cart removal schedule please visit or contact the garbage information line at 651-266-6101. The old carts must be empty in order to be collected. Depending on the condition of the carts, garbage haulers will repurpose the cart in different cities they serve, use them as yard waste carts, recycle them, or properly dispose of them.

For questions about the new citywide garbage service, residents can visit or call the city’s garbage information phone line at 651-266-6101.

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