Permit Parking Applicants should apply for permits by email or mail using the appropriate application below.

Renewal Postcards for all areas except Area 29 will begin to be mailed out on Friday, July 9, 2021.

2021/22 Resident Application - Renewal & New Applicants

2021/22 Non-Resident Application

Residential Permit Parking Information Sheet

Area 29 2021 Resident Application - Renewal & New Applicants

Area 29 2021 Non-Resident Application

About Residential Parking Permits:

Note that the permit parking season runs from September 1 to August 31, except for Area 29 which runs from May 1 to September 30.

To make it easier for residents to find parking near their home, some streets require residents to have a permit.

There is a number on the permit that shows which area that vehicle has permission to park in. Vehicles without a permit may be ticketed and/or towed.

A permit does not guarantee a parking space. The permit only allows someone to park in the permit area. To learn if your neighborhood requires a permit for street parking, please view our permit map below or call 651-266-9777, option 2.

For more information about creating or expanding a permit parking area or to learn if there is a pending petition for permit parking in your area, please visit the Petitions for Residential Permit Parking page.

Full size interactive map
Detailed maps of permit parking areas.

Applying for a Permit

Residential Permit Parking Information Sheet

NEW Applicants

RENEWING Applicants

New permit applicants email or mail application along with copies or photos of all documents listed below.
Ownership of permits is non-transferrable.

Residents can renew their parking permits by email or mail. 
Renewal applications are non-transferrable. Ownership of permits is non-transferrable.

  • If you have moved, follow instructions for new applications.
  • If you have a new vehicle or add a vehicle, you must provide proof of vehicle ownership.
Please provide the following information by email or mail: Please provide the following information by email or mail:
  1. Completed application form
  2. Proof of residency at permit address (attach COPY or PHOTO of one of the following):
    • Driver’s license with current address
    • Signed lease
    • Utility bill with name and address
    • Notarized statement from owner or current lease holder
  3. Proof of vehicle ownership (attach COPY or PHOTO of one of the following):
    • Vehicle title
    • Vehicle registration
    • Proof of current auto insurance
  4. Vehicle information:
    • Make, model, year, color and license plate number
  5. Payment - check or credit card only:
    • Checks payable to City of Saint Paul
    • If using credit card, check box on application and a staff member will call you to process the credit card transaction over the phone.
    • No cash or money orders
  1. Completed renewal form
  2. Vehicle information: 
    • Make, model, year, color and license plate number
  3. Payment - check, credit or cash:
    • Checks payable to City of Saint Paul
    • If using credit card, check box on application and a staff member will call you to process the credit card transaction over the phone.
    • No cash or money orders

Permit fees for the 2021/2022 season (September 1, 2021 to August 31, 2022; except Area 29 which runs May 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021): $25 per vehicle and $25 per visitor permit

Email application and all documents to:

Mail application and all documents to:
     Traffic Operations Building
     899 Dale Street North
     Saint Paul, MN  55103

Phone: 651-266-9777, option 2

Office hours:
Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Permits and Fees

Vehicle Permits

Vehicle permits are available for residents, who live in a permit area. Each permit is numbered to correspond with the numbered signs in a designated neighborhood and may only be used in the permit area with the same number. Permits will become invalid if you move to a new residence.

To avoid ticketing, please use the following tips for affixing the permit to your vehicle:

  1. Permits must be permanently affixed to your vehicle. Vehicle may be ticketed if permit is found to be removable from window.
  2. Affix the vehicle permit sticker to the lower right of the driver’s side window closest to the rear of the car or truck cab.
  3. For motorcycles, affix the vehicle permit sticker to the left side of the gas tank, or the bottom right corner of the windshield when looking at the front of the motorcycle

Non-refundable vehicle permit fee for 2021/2022 season: $25 per vehicle permit

Visitor Permits

Visitor parking permits are available to residents even if they do not own a vehicle. These permits are designed for guests to avoid ticketing while visiting residents. It is illegal for residents to use visitor permits in their personal vehicle--residents must use vehicle permits.

To avoid ticketing, please use the following tips.

  1. Permits must be placed face-up on the driver’s side dashboard
  2. The entire permit must be visible through the windshield
  3. Visitor permits are not meant to be used for extended stays, misuse could result in tickets

Non-refundable visitor fee for 2021/2022 season: $25 per visitor permit

One-Day Hang Tag Permits

Hang Tag Application
Please note hang tags do not run on same cycle as other permits.  Hang tags are good until December 31 of the year indicated on tag.

Hang tags will not be sold during the active renewal period (July 9 - September 10).

One-Day Hang tag parking permits are designed for single-day visitors. Hang tags should only be purchased on an "as needed" basis. Each household may request up to 20 hang tags per month. There are no refunds or exchanges for unused or expired tags.

To avoid ticketing, please use the following tips.

  1. Month, day, and year must be scratched off for the date of use
  2. Scratching off more than one date invalidates the tag
  3. Must be hung on the rear-view mirror so the address, date, and number face out and can be read through the front of the windshield

Non-refundable hang tag fee for 2021/2022 season: $3

ADA Disability Parking

Those with a valid ADA Disability Parking Permit or license plate may park in a residential parking permit zone without an additional vehicle or visitor permit.

For more information, please visit our Disability Parking page.

Contractor and Commercial Vehicles

Commercial or contractor vehicles are exempt from needing a parking permit if the vehicle has permanent markings that identify it as a commercial vehicle. Magnetic or removable signs do not qualify as permanent marking. This exemption only applies when performing a service.

For more information on contractor and commercial parking permits, please visit our Business Owners page.

Home Aides and Service Providers

Home aides and other service providers must use a visitor permit or 1-day hang tag provided by the resident.

Replacement Permits

To replace your permit, please have the following information available.

  • Notarized letter stating how the permit was lost, damaged, or stolen

If a replacement permit is needed for a new vehicle, please provide:

  • Proof of sale - title transfer or bill of sale
  • Old permit number
  • New vehicle information and proof of ownership

Replacements for lost, damaged, or stolen permits for the 2021/2022 season are $25 each. Replacements for new vehicles for the 2021/2022 season are $10 each.

Additional Information About Residential Permit Parking

Please note that special event hang tags are not valid in Area 29 during the Minnesota State Fair.

Residential Permit Parking is governed by City Code Chapter 164. - Residential Permit Parking—Guidelines and Regulations. Additional governance for Residential Permit Parking is provided by City Council Resolutions, including RES PH 18-172RES PH 19-191.

Petition Process for Creating or Expanding a Permit Parking Area

Residential Permit Parking Changes made in 2018

Last Edited: July 12, 2021