Residential Permit Parking Area Maps

Maps of each residential permit parking area. Click on area number to view the map.

Permit Parking Area Map Description of Area
1 Map Selby Ave and Snelling Ave
2 Map University of Minnesota Saint Paul Campus
3 Map Mitchell Hamline School of Law
6 Map Kellogg Blvd and Summit Ave
7 Map Smith Ave and West 7th St
8 Map Carroll Ave and Asbury Ave
9 Map Grand Ave and Victoria St
10 Map Curfew St
12 Map St Catherine University
13 Map Irvine Park
14 Map Sherburne Ave and Hamline Ave
15 Map St Thomas - Northwest corner
16 & 17 Map St Thomas - Selby Ave and Cleveland Ave
18 Map St Thomas - Cleveland Ave and Laurel Ave
19 Map St Thomas - Prior Ave and Portland Ave
20 Map St Thomas - Cleveland Ave and Summit Ave
21 Map St Thomas - Cleveland Ave and Lincoln Ave
22 Map St Thomas - Finn St and Goodrich Ave
23 Map St Thomas - Mount Curve Blvd and Fairmount Ave
24 Map St Thomas - Summit Ave and Cretin Ave
25 Map Cretin-Derham Hall
26 Map Shields Ave and Fry St
27 Map Ford Pkwy and Cleveland Ave
28 Map Saint Paul College
29 Map Como Park
30 Map Upper Landing