Walking and biking safety improvements around Bruce Vento Elementary include:

  • Bike lanes on Arkwright Street from Case Avenue to Maryland Avenue
  • Shared lanes for bikes on Arkwright Street from Bruce Vento Trail to Case Avenue and from Maryland Avenue to Gateway State Trail
  • New sidewalk construction to fill in gaps (locations to be determined)
  • Bumpouts along Arkwright Street and Case Avenue (locations to be determined)

Walking and biking improvements in the area of Bruce Vento Elementary 



    Biking and Walking Experiences in the Neighborhood

    Below are some of the things we've heard neighbors say about biking and walking in the neighborhood around Bruce Vento Elementary.

    • "We walk all over our neighborhood daily. Our favorite parts are seeing the ways people plant the boulevards and meeting dogs! And the sidewalk poetry! I'd love for Arkwright to be safer to cross. We like to bike to connect with the Gateway, and biking through the neighborhoods is much more pleasant than going up the trail by the highway."
    • "I live on Arkwright street and I run and bike everyday year round."
    • "We really like walking on the gateway trail. We lost all our blvd trees to the ash borers so we are really looking forward to having those blvd trees replaced."
    • "I enjoy walking in my neighborhood because it’s nice n clean."
    • "It is a nice place to walk and bike. I like the improvements this will make for the area."
    • "Love the sidewalk poetry. Keep them coming!"
    • "Our family loves to walk to the coffee shop on Payne and pick up garbage on the way there and back. Something simple, but it makes the neighborhood cleaner, and our kids more community aware."
    •  "Love looking at everyone's flowers in the summer time."
    •  "We often bike or walk along Arkwright and Case. Sidewalk is wide and in decent shape. We love being close to the gateway trail!"
    • "The new section of bike trail along 35e is so nice especially for new bike riders!"
    • "I've put in laps and laps and laps around the block with my young children in strollers and on bikes."
    • "I do both and enjoy encountering neighbors (rare) and am grateful that the area is receiving needed attention."

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