Sidewalk work throughout the city to replace sidewalk panels in need of repairs and add sidewalk where none currently exist. 


  • Larpenteur Avenue from Dale Street to Rice Street
  • Edgerton Street from Maryland Avenue to Arlington Avenue
  • Area 1
    • Cedar Street from Como to Charles
    • Capitol Heights from Como to Charles
    • Charles Avenue from Cedar to Capitol Heights
    • Como Avenue from Cedar to Capitol Heights
    • Northeast corner of St. Peter to Exchange
  • Area 2
    • Maple Street from Euclid to Wilson
    • Maria Avenue from Surrey to Euclid
    • Pacific Street (southside only) from Earl to Frank
  • Area 3
    • Pascal Street from Stanford to Jefferson 
    • Pascal Street from St. Clair to Stanford
    • Sargent Avenue from Finn to Cleveland 
    • Jefferson Avenue from Prior to Fairview
    • Ford Parkway (southside only) from Snelling to Macalester 
  • Area 4
    • Hague Avenue from Dunlap to Lexington
    • Laurel Avenue from Dunlap to Lexington
    • In front of 1720 Dayton Avenue
    • In front of 1542 Portland Avenue 
    • In front of 1733 Hague Avenue
  • Area 5
    • Nebraska Avenue from Woodbridge to Rice
    • Ivy Avenue from Marion to Woodbridge
    • Woodbridge from Orange to Ivy
  • Area 6
    • Asbury Street from Nebraska to Hoyt
    • Frankson Avenue from Simpson to Pascal
    • Snelling Avenue (eastside only) at Almond Avenue 
    • Northeast corner of Nebraska and Holton
    • Southwest corner of Nebraska and Albert
    • Southeast corner of Nebraska and Hamline
  • Area 7 
    • Hazelwood Avenue from Ivy to Sherwood
    • Sims Avenue (northside only) from Flandrau to White Bear
    • In front of 1641 York Avenue 
  • Area 8
    • Armstrong Avenue from Osceola to Drake
    • James Avenue from Osceola to 7th
  • Area 9
    • In front of 667 Hamline Avenue
    • Blair Avenue from Pascal to Albert
    • Albert from Hewitt to Englewood
  • Area 10 
    • 4th Street from Pederson to Winthrop
    • 4th Street from Winthrop to Howard
    • 4th Street from Howard to McKnight
    • 5th Street from Ruth to Winthrop 

June 2023 to November 2023 


    Larpenteur & Edgerton Sidewalk Work

    Starting this summer, the City of Saint Paul will construct new sidewalks to improve public safety along the south side of Larpenteur Avenue between Dale Street and Marion Street and improve existing sidewalk on Edgerton Street from Maryland Avenue to Arlington Avenue. Filling in missing sidewalk “gaps” is part of Saint Paul’s Citywide policy and will also improve mobility and connectivity throughout the City. 

    The sidewalk will be located in the public right of way outside of private property. There are no costs to abutting property owners for this work which will include, if necessary, ADA-compliant pedestrian ramps and replacement work to driveways in the City’s right of way.

    Letter to Property Owners on Larpenteur Avenue - June 2023

    New Sidewalks: No Salt

    Please refrain from using salt to remove ice on new concrete installed this year.  Salt will harm newly installed concrete and increase freeze/thaw cycles which can do further damage.

    We appreciate your assistance in helping maintain the new sidewalks.