Victoria Street from Summit Avenue to Concordia Avenue will be resurfaced in 2023 through a process called mill and overlay to create a smoother roadway surface. Crews grind off the top layer of roadway, then replace it with a new layer of bituminous pavement. The project will include some pedestrian improvements.

Victoria Street from Summit Avenue to Concordia Avenue

Summer 2023 - pedestrian improvements
Fall 2023 - mill and overlay


    Mill & Overlay Starts September 25

    • Anticipated Schedule (weather permitting):

      • Pedestrian improvements (concrete & boulevard work) – on going
      • Milling – September 25 & 26

      • Paving – September 27 - 29

    • What you need to do:

      • The street will remain closed during this project. 

      • Please follow all posted signs, including “No Parking” signs.

      • Cars that are not moved will be ticketed and towed.

      • Access to driveways and alleys will be maintained, but there may be temporary access restrictions.

      • Please notify tenants/renters/visitors about the project, road closure, and any parking restrictions.

    Victoria Street from Summit Avenue to Concordia Avenue is closed to traffic. Please follow posted signs.

    Project Updates

    Pedestrian Improvements

    The city’s sidewalk division will make pedestrian improvements:

    • Install ADA-compliant ramps to improve accessibility for people using strollers and mobility devices.
    • Install bumpouts (curb extensions) and medians to narrow the road and provide a shorter crossing and better visibility for people. Narrowing the road also encourages slower driving speeds.

      • Bumpouts will be constructed at Marshall Avenue, Hauge Avenue, Laurel Avenue, and Portland Avenue.
    • Example of a median that improves pedestrian crossing and does not change vehicle access. This is similar to the medians that will be installed on Victoria Street.
      • Medians will be constructed at Carroll Avenue, Iglehart Avenue, and Dayton Avenue.
    Photo showing an example of a pedestrian median crossing on Hamline Avenue in Saint Paul