Capital Improvement Process

Important CIB 2018-2019 Information

Notice to all District Council's and Community Organizations regarding the 2018-2019 CIB and Task Force Process

CIB 2016-2017 Information

The following resources are available to help better explain the CIB process and the results of the process:

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    Additional Resouces

    Additional resources available to assist organizations understand the CIB process:

    Additional Project Information

    Throughout the 2016-2017 CIB process additional project information (including presentations, letters of support, maps, and photos) will be available for each of the three CIB task forces.

    CIB Process Description

    The CIB budget is prepared on a bi-annual basis. Projects are eligible if they finance the acquisition, betterment, physical development, redevelopment and other improvement of City-owned land and buildings, and have a useful life of at least ten years.

    On Year Process:

    Starting in early 2015, the CIB Committee will began the process of developing the 2016 and tentative 2017 capital budgets by reviewing project proposals submitted by City departments, district councils, and neighborhood organizations. In August of 2015, the Mayor will present the Proposed Capital Improvement Plan, and the City Council will adopt the capital budgets for 2016 and tentative 2017 in December of 2015. The plan will include tentative recommendations for 2017 through 2021.  The 2017 Proposed budget was released on August 9, 2016.

    Off Year Process:

    In even-numbered years, the tentative budget for the second year of the biennium generally is recommended by the CIB Committee, proposed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Revisions to the tentative budget are allowed for projects that satisfy one of three conditions: 1) elimination of a life/safety hazard; 2) leverage of non-city funding; or 3) coordination with other projects.

    Visit the CIB Committee web page for more information on committee meetings, meeting agendas and minutes, and meeting locations and times.

    Capital Improvement Budgets

    The 2017 Proposed and 2016 Adopted Capital Improvement Budget and budgets from prior years are available on the City's budget page.