Our division's mission is to provide those we serve a safe, modern, efficient emergency ambulance service, while contributing to the common good through research and innovation. 

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division is responsible for:

  •  Providing advanced and basic life support for the citizens of Saint Paul
  •  Recording and compiling data generated by EMS incidents through patient care reports or via the Penbase computer system now being used by the Fire Department
  • Coordinating  the medical education and training
  • Certifying to meet standards required by the State of Minnesota
  • Testing new and innovative products
  •  Evaluating new procedures to stay on the cutting edge of pre-hospital delivery of patient care

Duties and Training

  • This Division has 119 Emergency Medical Technicians at the Paramedic level (EMT-P).
  • All Department of Fire and Safety Services personnel working in suppression are trained to the Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B) level or higher.
  • Firefighters not assigned to an ambulance serve as first responders that can initiate medical treatment.
  • All personnel assigned to ambulances are also assigned to a fire engine to ensure the crew responds in the appropriate apparatus.
  • Our department Paramedics / EMTs standby on various events that occur through the City including:
    • Minnesota Wild hockey games
    • Minnesota State Fair
    • Grand Old Days
    • Rondo Day
    • Cinco De Mayo
    • Crashed Ice
    • Twin Cities Marathon

Dr. R. J. Frascone and Dr. K. Kaye (Co-Medical Directors), of Saint Paul Regions Hospital, provide medical direction and control most of the training for the EMS program.


Last Edited: October 29, 2021