Taking Climate Action and Building Resilience

As the effects of climate change continue to accelerate, the City of Saint Paul is committed to doing its part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase community resilience. Climate change disproportionately affects under-resourced and marginalized communities. This reality underscores the pressing need for comprehensive strategies that ensure that our approach to climate action centers on the needs of our most vulnerable and impacted populations.  

Climate Action & Resilience Action Plan

The City of Saint Paul, in partnership with the Great Plains Institute, developed a Climate Action & Resilience Plan adopted by the City Council in December 2019. This focuses on achieving carbon neutrality for city operations by 2030 and citywide by 2050. This work includes compiling data on energy use, transportation emissions, waste management, and water treatment and distribution. Our strategies not only empower residents with everyday actions but also empower the City with policies that drastically cut emissions, adapt to the changing climate, and improve the quality of life in the city.

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Saint Paul's Climate Action Dashboard

Explore how the City of Saint Paul is tackling climate change and strengthening resilience through our user-friendly Climate Action Dashboard. This online platform shows the progress that the City is making toward the goals listed in the the Climate Action and Resilience Plan. You'll see the work happening in the sectors of Transportation, Energy use, Green Infrastructure, Solid Waste, City Commitments, and City Operations. Find out more about our efforts and accomplishments as we move towards a sustainable future.

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Energize Saint Paul

Energize Saint Paul provides resources for property owners and residents to increase their energy and water efficiency. As a partnership between the City and the public, commercial and residential building owners, Energize Saint Paul aims to make the City the first place building owners can go to make their buildings more efficient, reduce utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and make our city more vibrant and resilient.

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Photo of Saint Paul with climate action icons
Photo of Saint Paul with climate action icons

Climate Action Dashboard

The City of Saint Paul is proud to present a user-friendly tool that tracks our progress toward the climate action goals outlined in the 2019 Saint Paul Climate Action and Resilience Plan. Follow the City’s efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for a changing climate, and learn about our initiatives like the EV Spot Network and Evie Carshare. Check out the dashboard now and stay up-to-date with our city's commitment to a greener future!

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Last Edited: August 30, 2023