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About Frogtown Park and Farm Project

“Great public spaces are where celebrations are held, social and economic exchanges take place, friends run into each other, and cultures mix. They catalyze private investment, define community identity and build bridges to each other” Project for Public Spaces

In partnership with the Trust for Public Land and Frogtown Gardens, the City acquired land for a new park for the Frogtown Neighborhood. The 12.7 acre parcel (old Wilder Foundation Headquarters) now consists of a natural area, a recreation area and an urban demonstration farm. Neighbors will be able to learn about farming traditions and urban farming in their own backyards, and also have space for exercise and a quiet connection to nature. A future Nature Play Area will replace the current playground on site.


  • September 2017:  The project is nearing substantial completion. The play equipment, artwork and project sign have been installed. Remaining items include native seeding and tree planting (47 trees, comprised of 7 species). 
  • May 2017: Construction has resumed for the 2017 season! Project completion is anticipated at the end of June 2017, weather permitting.
  • December 2016: Frogtown Park & Farm sledding hill will remain partially open during the winter! The current sledding conditions are temporary during construction of the new play area, and the full width of the sledding hill will return for winter 2017. Please obey all construction site restrictions, and be aware of reduced snowpack during warm weather conditions. Thanks for your patience during construction. Long lead times on play equipment and wet site conditions throughout September/October led to project delays.
  • December 2016: Construction has ended for the season and completion is anticipated for late spring 2017. To ensure safety, orange construction fencing has been installed to restrict areas of use. Finally, portions of the sledding hill will remain open! Enjoy Winter! 
  • July 2016: Phase II bidding is complete and we are in the process of awarding a construction contract! Construction is anticipated for August to November 2016, weather permitting.
  • April 2016: Phase II Preferred Site Plan is complete! Review the Site Plan (PDF)
  • February 2016: Analysis and preliminary design of Phase II: Nature Play Area has begun!
  • March 2015: Phase I of development is moving ahead! We are in the process of awarding a construction contract. Construction is anticipated for mid-April, weather permitting. Look for an update as warmer weather nears!
  • 2016/2-17 CIB Application: We have submitted an application to the CIB committee for the Nature Play Area on the east side of the site near Victoria. This play area would replace the existing play area near Van Buren and Victoria.
  • Historical Report on the Area is complete! Read the report here: (PDF)
  • Frogtown Farm Framework finalized (Large file size. May take time to download)
  • ACQUISITION A SUCCESS! The City became the new property owners of Frogtown Park and Farm on December 4, 2013!


  • Sunday, March 6th, 2016: Third Annual Green Gathering, 2-4 PM at Rondo Library (Dale & university, St. Paul) Notes
  • Monday, February 29th, 2016: 6-7 PM at W Minnehaha Recreation Center (685 W Minnehaha Avenue, St. Paul) NotesAgenda, FlyerPresentation (Large file size. May take time to download)
  • Saturday, January 4th, 2016: 1-4 PM at Jackson Elementary (437 Edmund Ave. St. Paul) Agenda, Presentation (Large file size. May take time to download)
  • Tuesday, December 10th, 2015: 6-8 PM at Jackson Elementary



  • Preliminary design planning: Fall 2013 - Winter 2014
    • 1st Meeting: September 19, 2013
    • Farm Design Workshop: October 12, 2013 (for Farm design elements only, hosted by Rebar and Frogtown Farm)
    • 2nd Meeting: December 10th
    • Final Meeting: January 4th, 2014
  • Land acquisition: December 2013
  • Site infrastructure development: Fall 2014 or Spring 2015
  • Grand opening and Farming: Summer 2015


  • Preliminary Design Planning: February 2016
    • Community Meeting: February 29, 2016
  • Construction drawings: March-April 2016
  • Bidding: May 2016
  • Project Award: June 2016
  • Construction Begins: Summer 2016
  • Construction Ends: Spring 2017 (Weather permitting)



Last Edited: July 20, 2021