Project Description

The Mississippi River Boulevard Project is a stacked storm water system. This includes a constructed open creek channel alongside a pedestrian path that travels through a tunnel structure under Mississippi River Boulevard and into Hidden Falls Regional Park. The creek channel is an extension of the water feature central to the Highland Bridge Project collecting storm water throughout the development site and releasing it at a controlled rate into Hidden Falls. Pedestrians are able to visualize the water channel as it flows between the development site, over the falls, and through the Hidden Falls creek before delivery to the Mississippi River.  The trail alongside the creek connects the network of trails within the Highland Bridge site to the Mississippi River Boulevard Regional Trail and into Hidden Falls Regional Park.


The project is being constructed in two phases. Phase I includes the trail connection from Highland Bridge to the overlook above Hidden Falls. Funding is currently being sought for Phase II, which will connect the plaza space on the southeast side of Mississippi River Boulevard to the Mississippi River Trail. A ramp or stairs will also be added, connecting the new plaza overlook to Hidden Falls Regional Park and the Mississippi River below. 

Phase I Construction of the MRB Crossing Project is anticipated to being in early May 2021 and to be complete in Fall of 2021.  The Mississippi River Boulevard roadway and trail  will be closed from Ford Parkway to Magoffin during the entirety of construction.  Detour plans are provided HERE.

Project Updates & Related Links

Mississippi River Boulevard and Trail to Close May 10 for construction of MRB Crossing 



Project Background

The project builds on planning work from the Great River Passage and from the Hidden Falls Regional Park Master Plan and aligns with the City of Saint Paul 2040 Comprehensive Plan. 



Last Edited: July 12, 2021