The City of Saint Paul is developing a new 1.5-acre park at the corner of Sharon Ave SE and Emerald Street SE.  As part of the Station Area Planning process for the Westgate light rail station, a need for park space was identified to better serve residents and businesses in this growing area of Saint Paul.  Dominium, an affordable housing developer, acquired the 12-acre Weyerhauser lumber site, including the New Park at Westgate site.  Affordable-housing apartments for seniors and working families is now built to the north of the park site. The City is currently advancing plans for construction of the New Park at Westgate. 

For more information about the process of developing the park concept and its relationship to the surrounding area, please reference the Westgate Public Realm Plan.

Westgate Commons Park Webpage

Project Updates

May 17, 2023:  The majority of construction for Westgate Commons Park is complete. Turf grass and trees will be monitored for establishment. Public art installation is anticipated to be complete by the end of the year.  The construction of the new Wabash trail segment east and south of the site will begin in late May 2023.

April 29, 2022:  The City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation is excited to announce that the construction phase for the new Park at Westgate has begun. Currently the contractor is regrading the site, pouring concrete, and staking the walkways. Construction is expected to extend until late August. In addition, a new trail connecting from the intersection of Wabash Ave and Eustis Street to Berry Street and Myrtle Ave is anticipated in late 2022.

March 2022: Pre-construction conference is scheduled for City staff to coordinate with the general contractor. Construction is anticipated to begin when weather conditions allow.  We will provide updates here and will share the anticipated construction timeline after we receive the contractor's schedule. 

December 2021: General Contractor (GC) for construction selected, contract awarded to JL Theis, Inc.  

November 2021: The Park at Westgate is under permit review with the Capitol Region Watershed District, and has conditional approval from Saint Paul Site Plan Review. 

The project was in bid solicitation on stpaulbids.com

Last Edited: January 12, 2024