Parkland Dedication Ordinance Overview

Effective October 3, 2015, the City of Saint Paul enacted a revised parkland dedication ordinance. Under the revised ordinance, most developments that increase the number of residential dwelling units, increase the floor area of commercial, industrial, or storage buildings, or any combination thereof, will be required to dedicate land for park space as determined by the City Council or pay a fee in lieu of dedicating land. The calculation and collection of these fees is part of the application process for a building permit

For newly platted land or larger developments, a consultation with the Parks and Recreation Department should be set up prior to proceeding beyond the initial concept stage of the project. During this consultation, parks staff will determine the location and guidelines for a land dedication and explain the process for the dedication through a plat.

For more information on the Parkland Dedication Ordinance or to set up a consultation meeting, please contact:

Paul Sawyer
Saint Paul Parks and Recreation  
Ph: 651-266-6417

Parkland Dedication Report

The Parkland Dedication Ordinance requires an annual report of parkland dedication fees collected.  Click to view the 2020 Parkland Dedication Report.

Last Edited: July 1, 2022