Landmark Trees

The City of Saint Paul is rich in history, culture, and natural resources. With over 500,000 trees, the urban forest of Saint Paul consists of some trees that have endured since the city’s inception. Since then, these trees have continued to provide multiple environmental, social, and economic benefits that have been instrumental in shaping our communities. The Landmark Tree* program was created to locate, document, and compile a record of remarkable trees within the City of Saint Paul.

Nomination Form 

Benefits of a tree receiving Landmark Tree status:

*Selection as a Landmark Tree does not guarantee the long term survival of, or preclude the removal of a nominated tree if its' condition declines. Unpredictable factors including storm damage, insect damage, disease, compromised structural integrity, or a combination of factors may impact a tree and necessitate its removal.

Last Edited: August 8, 2023