New Park at Westgate


The City of Saint Paul is planning to develop a new 1.5-acre park at the corner of Sharon Ave SE and Emerald Street SE.  As part of the Station Area Planning process for the Westgate light rail station, the need for park space to serve residents and businesses was apparent in this growing area of Saint Paul.  Dominium, an affordable housing developer, is building housing on the 12-acre Weyerhauser lumber site, adjacent to the New Park at Westgate site.  Affordable-housing apartments for seniors and working families is proposed for the Dominium development.  In tandem with this development project, the City will advance plans for construction of the New Park at Westgate. 

For more information about the process of developing the park concept and its relationship to the surrounding area, please reference the Westgate Public Realm Plan.

Project Updates

Park development is dependent on completion of the residential development, as the park is inside the current construction area. It is not uncommon for there to be delays during major construction. Due to a challenging, rainy 2019 construction season, Dominium now expects to complete the housing in late spring 2020. Following this, we can get a land survey which will enable us to complete construction documents in 2020. Construction of the park would then begin in 2021. 

Public Meetings

  • Thursday, December 6th, 2018 - 7:00-9:00 pm.  Update meeting with St. Anthony Park Community Council - Land Use Committee.  Discussion on project background, budget, schedule, and priorities for the new park site.  Opportunity to gather feedback on interim park concepts as well as long-term vision for park development.  For a copy of the presentation, please click HERE.

Westgate Park Site Context Plan

Park Alternative Concepts

Project Timeline

  • 2017: The City worked with Urban Design Associates (UDA), the Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation, and local community members to develop a high-level framework for development, open space, and bike-pedestrian connections in this area (Westgate Public Realm Plan)

  • Feb. 2017: City of Saint Paul Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) approves the purchase of land for use as public open space.  Developer agrees to donate land for the purpose of future infrastructure to serve the proposed public open space.

  • Oct. 2018: Department of Parks and Recreation establishes a finance and spending plan to utilize Parkland Dedication funds for creation of park space at 700 Emerald Street.

  • Fall 2018: The City plans to advance design of the New Park at Westgate utilizing community feedback and input received in the Westgate Public Realm Plan. 

  • Winter 2018-Spring 2019: Develop and refine preliminary concepts for interim park and long-term vision. 

  • Fall-Winter 2019: Advance technical design documents after construction of the Dominium housing development is complete and site access becomes available. 

  • Spring 2020: Construction of the park is anticipated to begin.

Project Resources

Presentation - St. Anthony Park Community Council Meeting 12/06/2018
2017 Westgate Public Realm Plan
2008 Westgate Station Area Plan