Boulevard Tree Permit

Boulevard Tree Permit Application

All maintenance work being performed on public boulevard trees requires an approved permit issued by Saint Paul Forestry.

Permitting Process:

  1. Please read and understand the terms and conditions printed on the back of the permit.
  2. All work performed on a public tree, other than tree planting, requires a licensed and insured contractor. Please refer to licensed tree care companies to find a contractor.
  3. Once your application is received, Forestry will inspect the tree or planting site and determine whether a permit shall be issued.
    • If you apply for a permit to plant a tree, forestry staff will provide tree species and planting location recommendations. Refer to this link for a list of suggested tree species. Refer to the Street and Park Tree Master Plan for planting criteria.
  4. If the work on your permit includes either tree planting or stump removal, you must have Gopher State One Call locate utilities before any work begins. Gopher State One Call is a free service and you can submit a utility locate request online or call 800-252-1166 or 651-454-0002.
  5. Work may begin once you have an approved permit issued by Saint Paul Forestry.
  6. NEW! - Contractors may sign and submit permits on behalf of property owners for work that is requested to be performed on boulevard trees including boulevard tree planting.

Download Tree Permit Application

Submit your completed application to Forestry. Forestry will review the permit application and determine if a permit shall be issued. Submitting a permit application does not guarantee that a permit will be granted, and work shall not proceed until the permit has been signed by an authorized Forestry staff member and returned to the applicant.

*If work is done on a publicly owned boulevard tree that damages the tree, the person or persons responsible for the damages may be subject to restitution for the costs of corrective pruning or for the value of the tree including replacement costs as determined by Forestry