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In Saint Paul, 24 percent of youth are unemployed, including disproportionately high percentages of youth of color. Our city struggles with poverty and racial disparities. However, our diversity is an asset. 40 percent of residents are people of color, and more than 23,000 businesses are located here. 

"Right Track is a hugely important part of the work we’re doing to close the achievement gap, to close the income gap and to create pathways to success for every young adult in our community."


That's where Right Track comes in. Right Track connects Saint Paul youth with meaningful training, work, and career exploration opportunities so they are better prepared to thrive in the workforce.

Right Track was launched in 2014 by Mayor Chris Coleman, Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent Valeria Silva and Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Kramer to establish a pipeline of career development opportunities for Saint Paul youth.

Right Track operates out of the City of Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation, building on the department's long history of providing summer jobs for Saint Paul youth.

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2019 Impact Report

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Last Edited: November 22, 2020