The Hillcrest Master Plan will determine future land uses and a new street network for the 112-acre former golf course on Saint Paul’s East Side. In 2019, the Saint Paul City Council approved bonds for the Saint Paul Port Authority to purchase the site. The Department of Planning and Economic Development (PED) will lead the master plan process, in collaboration with community members, consultants, and the Port Authority. Community engagement throughout the process will outline how to build opportunity and community wealth on the redeveloped Hillcrest site – bringing more housing, jobs, and public amenities.

In March/April 2021 we sought input on two finalist master plan scenarios, as well as a draft housing policy.

Many of the thoughtful questions posed at our March 16 online community event are addressed here and/or incorporated into the project's Frequently Asked Questions.

An overview of our latest round of master plan engagement is here (it also briefly summarizes previous engagement), and additional details are here.  Previous engagement efforts are summarized here and here.

You can also watch a video (below) that provides an overview of the two finalist scenarios, or dig into the Finalist Scenarios Document for more detail.


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Community Advisory Committee

The Hillcrest Community Advisory Committee provides feedback to City staff and consultants throughout the master planning process. Topics include land use priorities, street and trail networks, open space and neighborhood connections.

The Community Advisory Committee typically meets every third Tuesday of the month from 5:30-7 p.m., remotely (due to the pandemic).

Meetings are open for public viewing, but comments should be sent on to Community Advisory Committee members or to Bill Dermody at

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Last Edited: August 17, 2021