The Hillcrest Community Advisory Committee provided feedback to City staff and consultants throughout the master planning process. Topics include land use priorities, street and trail networks, open space and neighborhood connections. Members are expected to engage with and speak on behalf of the communities they represent.

The Community Advisory Committee typically met every third Tuesday of the month, originally at Hayden Heights Library and then remotely during the pandemic.

In spring 2020, the Community Advisory Committee adopted community priorities based on community engagement at community meetings and online. The City and its partners drafted site approaches based on the community priorities document, technical considerations and City policy priorities.

Committee members were:

  • Anne DeJoy (Planning Commissioner and Saint Paul resident)
  • Osman Egal (Maplewood resident)
  • Jon Fure (Saint Paul resident)
  • Kathryn Murray (Saint Paul resident)
  • James Westin (Saint Paul resident)
  • Rachel Finazzo Doll (District 2 Community Council representative and Saint Paul resident)
  • Linda Martinez-Higgins (Maplewood resident)
  • Tiffany Scott Knox (Maplewood resident)
  • Tong Thao (Business representative and Saint Paul resident)
  • Que Vang (Housing representative)
  • Ethan Osten (Multimodal transportation representative and Saint Paul resident)

CAC Meeting Materials

Date Agenda Summary Minutes Materials
October 15, 2019 CAC Agenda 1

Meeting Summary 1

Meeting Summary 1 (Word)

CAC Mission & Responsibilities
Process Overview Graphic

November 19, 2019 CAC Agenda 2

Meeting Summary 2

Meeting Summary 2 (Word)

Port Authority Environmental Grant Flyer
Port Authority Sustainability Outcomes
Examples of Port Authority Business Centers Near Residential
2040 Comprehensive Plan Slide Deck

December 17, 2019 CAC Agenda 3

Meeting Summary 3
Meeting Summary 3 (Word)

Staff memo on technical/policy inputs
January 21, 2020 CAC Agenda 4

Meeting Summary 4

Meeting Summary 4 (Word)

Market Summary research
February 18, 2020 CAC Agenda 5

Meeting Summary 5

Meeting Summary 5 (Word)

Presentation slides
Demographics Update Overview
Demographics- Maplewood adjacent
Demographics- Saint Paul adjacent
Demographics- District 2 Greater East Side
Demographics- Maplewood
Demographics- Saint Paul
March 17, 2020 CANCELED    
April 21, 2020 CAC Agenda 6*
*Held remotely.  See agenda for details.

Meeting Summary 6

Meeting Summary 6 (Word)

Draft Community Priorities
Presentation slides

Raw community engagement summaries:
Community Forum- Lighted "Tree" Priorities Activity
Community Forum- Dream Big Activity
Community Forum- Community Character Discussions
Community Forum- Working/Jobs Discussions
Community Forum- Living Discussions
Pop Up at Mounds Park Academy
Pop Up at Hayden Heights Recreation Center
Pop Up at Hmong Village
Online Survey

May 19, 2020

CAC Agenda 7*
*Held remotely.  See agenda for details.

Meeting Summary 7

Meeting Summary 7 (Word)

Draft Community Priorities status
Community Priorities/Site Analysis slides
Hillcrest Environmental Summary
Environmental/Pollution slides

June 16, 2020 CAC Agenda 8
*Held remotely.  See agenda for details.

Meeting Summary 8
Meeting Summary 8 (Word)

Community Priorities

July 21, 2020

CAC Agenda 9
*Held remotely.  See agenda for details.

Meeting Summary 9

Meeting Summary 9 (Word)

Community Engagement Preview presentation
Social Pinpoint example
"More Background" presentation

August 18, 2020 No CAC meeting.  (Replaced by community event.)    
September 15, 2020 CAC Agenda 10

Meeting Summary 10

Meeting Summary 10 (Word)

Greater East Side Council letter
Pollution Update presentation
Community Engagement presentation
Draft Housing Policy
Letter from Habitat for Humanity

October 20, 2020 CANCELED    
November 17, 2020 CANCELED    
December 15, 2020 CANCELED    
January 19, 2021 CAC Agenda 11

Meeting Summary 11
Meeting Summary 11 (Word)

Draft Finalist Scenarios presentation
Community Priorities
Summary of TAC + Port technical/policy inputs

February 16, 2021 CAC Agenda 12

Meeting Summary 12
Meeting Summary 12 (Word)

3D Massing Illustrations
Presentation: Engagement, 3D Massing Illustrations
Design Standards presentation

March 16, 2021 No CAC meeting.  (Replaced by community event.)    
April 20, 2021 CAC Agenda 13 Meeting Summary 13

Design Aesthetic presentation
LEED for Communities presentation
Carbon Free Communities presentation
SPPA Workforce Agreements presentation

May 18, 2021

CAC Agenda 14
CAC Agenda 14 (Word) 

Meeting Summary 14

Hillcrest Engagement Summary presentation
Hillcrest engagement details document
Master Plan-CAC schedule update

June 15, 2021

CAC Agenda 15
CAC Agenda 15 (Word)

Meeting Summary 15

Sustainability Presentation
Draft Sustainability Chapter
Draft Sustainability Implementation Matrix

July 20, 2021 CANCELED    
August 17, 2021 CANCELED    
September 21, 2021 CANCELED    
October 19, 2021

CAC Agenda 16
CAC Agenda 16 (Word)

Meeting Summary 16

Draft Master Plan part 1a
Draft Master Plan part 1b
Draft Master Plan part 1a-b presentation

November 16, 2021

CAC Agenda 17
CAC Agenda 17 (Word)

Meeting Summary 17

Draft Master Plan- November draft

December 14, 2021

CAC Agenda 18
CAC Agenda 18 (Word)

Meeting Summary 18

Draft Master Plan- December draft
Draft CAC letter

Last Edited: March 30, 2022