Project Timing

What’s next?

The City of Saint Paul approved the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan, which sets the framework for what the future streets and public space will look like (public realm plan) and instills guidance around development on the site (zoning plan). In July 2017, the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the Master Plan and forwarded it to the Saint Paul City Council and Mayor Chris Coleman for further review and adoption. The City Council and Mayor Chris Coleman approved the plan in September 2017.

It is anticipated that Ford Motor Company will put the site on the market in early 2018. The Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan identifies the site’s redevelopment potential and market value to prospective buyers and sets a framework for the phased development, which will likely take place over the next 15 to 20 years. A more detailed develoment plan, outlining possible phases for redevelopment, will be created by a future developer, once Ford sells the property.

Anticipated development timeline

Note: The exact timing of all anticipated activities associated with redevelopment of the Ford Site are tentative. Shifts may occur to all activities if one or more other activities are impacted.

  • Site demolition and environmental remediation (2015-2019): Ford Motor Company and its environmental consultant, Arcadis, have been conducting environmental remediation activities across the site since 2015. Ford is cleaning up the site for a mix of uses, including commerce, employment, housing and open space. Some uses, such as residential, may be restricted from parts of the site. Cleanup efforts are expected to be complete by mid-2019.
  • Zoning and Public Realm Plan (2016-2017): The City collected feedback on the  Zoning and Public Realm Plan from the public since it was first presented in November 2016. The Planning Commission recommended the draft plan for approval in July 2017. The City Council and Mayor Coleman approved the plan in September 2017.
  • Site goes to market/master developer search (2017-2018): Ford may put the site on the market in early 2018, with the aim to identify a master developer. Ford has chosen CBRE to broker the site.
  • Alternative Urban Area-wide Review (2019): An Alternative Urban Area-wide Review (AUAR) is similar to an Environmental Assessment Worksheet for multiple development scenarios on the same property and typically takes 12 months to complete. The AUAR will provide analyses that inform the community, developers and decisions-makers about potential environmental and traffic impacts of redevelopment and mitigation measures that may be needed in response. The state mandates that an AUAR, paid for by the property owner, be conducted on the redevelopment scenarios once the site environmental assessment is nearly complete and a prospective developer is identified. The City of Saint Paul would be the responsible governmental unit overseeing the review.
  • Detailed development plan (2019-2020): If everything moves forward as outlined above, a master developer may bring a detailed development plan forward for the site by 2019 or 2020.
  • Infrastructure development begins (2020-2021): If everything moves forward as outlined above, infrastructure development could begin as soon as 2020 or 2021.

A more detailed timeline showing past and future activities can be found on the Ford Project Timeline.

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