"The Saint Paul Police Department’s (SPPD) mission is to constantly provide trusted service with respect. To accomplish this mission, the SPPD will pursue initiatives that earn trust and legitimacy by operating under transparent and accountable principles, goals, policies, and results." Chief Todd Axtell, 2016


21st Century Policing Recommendations

Report Recommendation 1.1


Law enforcement culture should embrace a guardian mindset to build public trust and legitimacy. Toward that end, police and sheriff’s departments should adopt procedural justice as the guiding principle for internal and external policies and practices to guide their interactions with the citizens they serve.

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Report Recommendation 1.2


Law enforcement agencies should acknowledge the role of policing in past and present injustice and discrimination and how it is a hurdle to the promotion of community trust.

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Report Recommendation 1.3


Law enforcement agencies should establish a culture of transparency and accountability in order to build public trust and legitimacy. This will help ensure decision making is understood and in accord with stated policy.

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Report Recommendation 1.4


Promote internal legitimacy by applying the principles of procedural justice.

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Report Recommendation 1.5


Law enforcement agencies should proactively promote public trust by initiating positive non enforcement activities to engage communities that typically have high rates of investigative and enforcement involvement with government agencies.

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Report Recommendation 1.6


Law enforcement agencies should consider the potential damage to public trust when implementing crime fighting strategies.

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Report Recommendation 1.7


Partner with local universities to conduct surveys to measure the effectiveness of specific policing strategies, assess any negative impact they have on a community’s view of police, and gain the community’s input.

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Report Recommendation 1.8


Law enforcement agencies should strive to create a workforce that contains a broad range of diversity including race, gender, language, life experience, and cultural background to improve understanding and effectiveness in dealing with all communities.

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Report Recommendation 1.9


Law enforcement agencies should build relationships based on trust with immigrant communities.

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Last Edited: March 20, 2017