We are excited you are interested in joining the team at the Saint Paul Police Department, which is committed to delivering trusted service with respect to our community. Serving as a peace officer is not your typical job; we are seeking outstanding candidates who are up to the challenge. You will work under difficult circumstances, making split-second, life-changing decisions while maintaining integrity and respect for the people you have sworn to protect. A career in law enforcement will never be easy, but will always be rewarding.

SPPD expects a lot from our officers, but in return we aim to invest in you along every step in your career. 

Qualifications to Join SPPD

There are many skills and competencies that must be met to become a SPPD officer, which include educational requirements and a physical exam. However, the personal drive and integrity of the candidate is also important criteria for SPPD. If you are committed to making a difference in your community, there are pathways available to learn the required skills.
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Benefits and Career Opportunities

Our compensation package offers competitive salaries, generous leave and benefits. Further, we offer ample opportunities for career advancement and leadership.
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Professional Development Institute

The demanding field of law enforcement requires officers to be exceptionally well trained to protect both officer and public safety. SPPD has invested in a state of the art facility to offer ongoing training and professional development for our officers.
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Last Edited: December 21, 2017