• Broken holiday lights can be recycled Dec 1 - Jan 22 at most Saint Paul Public Libraries and at the Saint Paul Regional Water Services building. Find out more on the Saint Paul Holiday Lights Recycling page.
  • Extra cardboard can be taken to the Saint Paul Police Department Western District at 389 Hamline Ave. N from Dec 1, 2020 - Jan 4, 2021 at 4:30 p.m. Boxes must be flattened and all non-cardboard packaging must be removed.

Graphics indicating not to put plastic lawn signs in the recycling container

  • Election signs are not recyclable

    • All political signs must be removed one week (Nov. 10) after the general election has been held. Election signs can’t be recycled in Saint Paul. These signs may be kept for future use, for an adapted use, or discarded as waste. Please check with the campaign that distributed the election sign to see if they are collecting these signs following the election.
    • If you have metals signs or  metal stakes, separate any metal from the plastic campaign signs and recycle with scrap metal at a metal recycler.
  • Saint Paul’s annual fall street sweeping is scheduled to begin on October 26! Do not place any recycling or garbage carts in the street. Please keep them on the boulevard to avoid any damage to the carts.
  • For options to get rid of your excess clutter, view the new Fall Disposal Guide. Additionally, check out the Saint Paul Bulky Item Collection Program or search the Ramsey County A to Z Disposal Guide for alternative options. 

Reuse, Recycling & Disposal Guide 

  • Registration is open for Ramsey County's Recycling Ambassador program! Recycling Ambassadors take a six-week training program to learn more about environmental health, waste systems and recycling. Learn more and sign up on their website!

Ramsey County Recycling Ambassador Program 

Fall Cleaning – Proper Disposal and Recycling Tips and Resources:

The COVID-19 pandemic, has many Saint Paul residents taking the time to do extra  cleaning” both indoors and out. Here are a few helpful recycling and disposal resources:

  • Make sure all materials fit into your garbage or recycling carts.
  • Depending on the size of the garbage cart, residents in 1-4 unit properties can have two or three free bulky items collected at no additional cost. If you have large, bulky items to dispose of, please call your garbage hauler to schedule pick up. Learn more at
  • Residents can drop off acceptable recyclable materials, including large, flattened cardboard at Saint Paul’s recycling Drop-Off Center. Find location and hours on the Recycling Drop-off Page.
  • Residents can pay to drop of large items at area transfer stations. For a list of locations and hours visit
  • Learn how to properly recycle or dispose of many items with Ramsey County’s “A to Z Disposal Guide” at
  • Household organics and food scraps will continue to be composted by Ramsey County. To find drop-off locations and hours, visit the Organics Recycling Page.
  • Properly dispose of all Household Hazardous Waste by dropping items off at Ramsey County’s free hazardous waste sites. Learn more at
  • Residents in 1-4 unit properties can put yard waste in a compostable bag to be collected by your garbage hauler for $3 per bag, plus tax (please call your garbage hauler). Find your garbage hauler contact information at
  • Yard waste can also be dropped off at Ramsey County’s yard waste sites. For more information, visit the Ramsey County Yard Waste Page.
  • Donations of gently used but good items have temporarily been suspended at many collection sites. Please check with the organization before planning to drop any items off. For more information, visit the Ramsey County Reuse and Donation Page.


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Last Edited: December 31, 2020