Winter Collection

Service Updates (3/14/19):


  • There may be some service interruption with residential recycling collection due to the icy conditions from the freeze/thaw cycle Saint Paul is currently experiencing.   We apologize for the service delays.
  • If your materials have been missed, Eureka has committed to collecting all extra recycling materials outside of the cart next collection day. Residents are asked to put recycling materials in paper bags, medium-sized cardboard boxes, or blue recycling bins.
  • Eureka will attempt to return to some areas within the Wednesday collection zone on Saturday.  Please keep your cart at its collection location to assist with the ‘clean up’ work.


  • There may be some service interruption with residential trash collection due to icy conditions. If your garbage collection has been missed, please contact your hauler to reschedule your collection. 

Click here to view service alerts using Eureka Recycling's new app. 

To check your garbage collection schedule, or receive alerts about your garbage, please contact your garbage hauler. Find your garbage hauler and collection day.




Download the Winter Collection Guide PDF


Winter Cart Placement

  • Shovel a safe and accessible pathway to your carts from your street or alley.
  • Leave two feet of space between your carts and other objects, such as trees, fences, garages, or snow piles. 
  • All materials must fit inside your cart with the lid closed.
  • Place your carts at the edge of the alley or curb with the opening facing outwards by 6:00 AM on your collection day.
  • Do not place your carts on top of or  behind a snowbank, or in water, where it could freeze to the ground. 
  • do not put your cart in the street. This can interfere with plowing.
  • If you have an alley, make sure house numbers are posted on your garage. 

Isolated Collection Issues

Sometimes, there will be isolated collection issues that will affect a single street or alley. The city will work with the haulers to track and monitor problem areas.

  1. If the garbage or recycling truck is not able to access your carts on an alley or street due to icy or heavy snow conditions, they will return within 24 hours to make a second attempt to collect. Please leave your cart out and accessible at your collection location.
  2. If the alley or street remains inaccessible, your hauler will be back on your collection day the following week.
  3. If the alley or street continues to experience collection issues during the winter, we will work with you and your neighbors to get your collection back on track.

Citywide Collection Day Delays

Occasionally, a major weather event, such as a large snow or ice storm, can affect garbage or recycling collection for a large part of the city. If this occurs, the city may declare a Citywide Collection Day Delay for recycling and/or garbage collection. Snow emergencies may or may not require a Collection Day Delay.

  1. If a Collection Day Delay is declared, keep your recycling and/or garbage out one day later than your usual collection day. For example, if your regular collection day is Wednesday, your recycling and/or garbage will be collected on Thursday that week. This is what also happens when there is a major holiday during the week.
  2. Bad winter weather conditions may impact recycling and garbage operations differently. A Collection Day Delay may be called for either a recycling or garbage collection, or both.
  3. If a Collection Day Delay is declared, the city will post information on this web page and through the city’s social media Facebook and Twitter channels.