Information for Property Owners and Managers

The City of Saint Paul requires recycling service be provided at all residential properties.

As a residential property owner, you pay for the All In Recycling Program including collection of recyclables at your property through your Ramsey County property taxes.

The City provides for two different types of service:


Small Apartment Buildings (5-11 Units): Small apartment buildings share two large (95 gallon) recycling carts. The recycling carts either stay in the alley or go out to the curb on your recycling day. Learn when your recycling is picked up by viewing this Recycling Collection Day Map. If your building does not have an alley, be sure that the person responsible for setting your carts at the curb knows your recycling collection day.

Large Apartment Buildings (12 or more units): Large apartment buildings will recycle in the location designated by their property manager.

Free Resources

Until further notice, Saint Paul Recycling staff are following current federal and state guidelines, and will not be conducting in person site visits at multi-unit buildings. Recycling staff are available to answer questions and support recycling efforts. Please complete and submit the Building Request Form.

The following resources are available to property owners and managers. To request resources, please complete and submit an Apartment Building Request Form.

recycling MUD wall poster

Recycling Poster: 11” x 17” Paper poster to hang in common spaces such as laundry rooms, entryways, and on bulletin boards. To download and print, Click Here.

Ramsey MUD Reusable Recycling Bag
Reusable Bag: 20” by 14” reusable, durable bag for residents to store and transport recyclables, with photo guide of recyclable materials. You may order up to 20 bags through the City of Saint Paul. For orders over 20, please order directly from Ramsey County
2018 MUD Guide
All In Recycling Guide: Handy guide for what is and is not recyclable. To download and print, Click Here.  For downloadable, translated guides in other languages, Click Here.


People holding recyclable materials
Presentation: A recycling presentation given by an All-In staff member at your building. Presentation subjects, activities, and length can be tailored to audiences of all ages and the specific needs/interests of the building.
No plastic bags decal
No Plastic Bags Decal: 3" by 11" weather resistant decal to be placed on the lid of recycling carts. Messaging on the decal is written in English, Spanish, Somali, and Hmong.

Set Up Recycling at Your Building

If you are an owner or property manager and your building does not currently offer recycling, contact Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678 to set up service. 

Recycling Issues?

To report a missed pick up, contact Eureka Recycling at 651-222-7678.

For any other issues (such as improper recycling, lack of recycling service, low tenant participation) please submit apartment building recycling concerns here and select "Report a Service Issue". An All-In staff member will be in contact with you to provide assistance and information.

Updated: March 31, 2020