Know what goes in your recycling cart!

Recycle Smart. Know what goes in your recycling cart.

1 November 2021 

Before you throw something in the garbage, try to reuse it in a new way, or ask yourself, “Can I recycle this?” It is important to recycle right to prevent problems at recycling facilities and create quality items from those recyclables. Recycle Smart, do your part and pledge to recycle the right items in your recycling cart!

image of man putting recycling into cart with text: recycle smart, know what goes in your recycling

Here are some tips for recycling right:

  • Keep a separate recycling container or paper bag next to your garbage can.
  • Post a list of what items you can recycle next to your recycling container or on your refrigerator.
  • Save and reference Saint Paul and Ramsey County annual recycling guides that come in the mail.
  • View a list of materials accepted for recycling at
  • Search items you still don’t know what to do with

Last Edited: November 2, 2022