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2021 Quarterly Garbage Rates

All Saint Paul residential properties with 1-4 units, including rentals and townhomes, must each have service and a garbage cart per unit. Depending on your cart size, you can have either 2 or 3 bulky items collected each calendar year at no additional cost.  An annual fee of $26.14 will be added to your Ramsey County property tax statement to help cover costs for carts, program administration, outreach and education efforts.

Cart Size Gallons Collection  Bulky Items Included Annually Quarterly Rates, taxes included
Small 35 (approx. 2-3 kitchen sized bags) Every other week 2 $59.23
Small 35 (approx. 2-3 kitchen sized bags) Weekly 2 $69.04
Medium 64 (approx. 4-5 kitchen sized bags) Weekly 3 $94.87
Large 96 (approx. 5-7 kitchen sized bags) Weekly 3 $101.23
Contact your hauler to start, stop, or change service.
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Garbage Collection Information

  • All household garbage must be securely bagged. Do not place loose garbage inside of your garbage cart. 
  • Any garbage that does not fit in a cart with the lid closed is considered “overflow” and will be collected at a charge of $3 per bag, plus tax. Bag all overflow garbage and keep it indoors until your collection day.
  • Keep your cart 2 feet clear of all objects. Make sure your cart is not blocked by cars, snow, other carts, or other obstructions.  Blocked garbage carts will not be collected.
  • You are responsible if your cart is lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear. Please keep your cart clean and store it in a safe location. Do not paint or alter the exterior of your cart.
  • You can change your garbage cart size once a year at no additional cost. Subsequent cart changes will cost $25 per change. Cart changes can include, but are not limited to, service level changes or cart replacements due to damage or loss. Call your hauler to request a cart change.
  • For more information and updates on delays due to winter weather, please visit our winter collection page.

Every Other Week Collection Schedule

If you have a 35-gallon “small” garbage cart with a purple lid for the Saint Paul Citywide Garbage Service, your garbage will be collected every other week. Please refer to the link below to download the 2020 Every Other Week Collection Schedule. Find out which day of the week your garbage is collected by visiting

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My garbage wasn't collected? 

Call your hauler to report a missed collection if your cart was in the collection location by 6 a.m. on your scheduled collection day and it was not collected. 

If your collection was missed due to the cart not being in place at the designated collection day and time, you can ask for a return collection for a fee of $40 plus tax by calling your hauler.  

Find your hauler’s contact information here.

Illegal dumping, what can I do about it?

It is illegal to dump your garbage in the City of Saint Paul. City Ordinance 105.01 states: “It shall be unlawful for any person to throw or deposit, or cause to be thrown or deposited, any garbage or other waste material upon any part of any boulevard or street lawn within the corporate limits of the City of Saint Paul.”

If you see illegal dumping anywhere in the City of Saint Paul, please report it to the Department of Safety and Inspections at 651-266-8989.

Where does my garbage go?

The garbage collected in the City of Saint Paul goes to the Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy Center (R&E Center). The R&E Center uses waste to energy technology. The facility processes over 440,000 tons of garbage a year and produces fuel used by Xcel Energy to generate electricity. For more information, visit the R&E Center

Last Edited: August 24, 2021