Our team of Animal Control Officers investigate animal-related complaints in the field, enforce City and state laws, handle dangerous or aggressive animals, and rescue animals in need.

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Animal Control operates the Saint Paul Animal Shelter to ensure vulnerable animals of all species receive high quality care and are eventually reunited with their owners or helped along the path to finding a new family. More than 90 percent of animals that enter Saint Paul Animal Control are reunited with their owners or find rescue placement. If you are looking for your lost pet, call 651-266-1100 during operating hours. 

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Saint Paul Animal Control also issues licenses and permits required by Ordinance and educates pet owners about the principles of responsible ownership, such as licensing, spay and neuter, training and socialization, proper care and preventing nuisance behaviors such as barking, running loose, and cleaning up animal waste so everyone can enjoy life in Saint Paul.

To learn more about City ordinance related to animals—from “running at large,” to licenses and fees, the definition of a dangerous dog, and more— click here.

Last Edited: December 5, 2023