Using Fenced Yards

If you have an adequately fenced yard, you can allow your pet to roam free in the yard. Keep the area clean by disposing of the droppings regularly.It is never a good idea to leave the animal unattended for extended periods of time. We recommend you occasionally check on your animal during its outdoor time.

Alternatives to a Fenced Yard

An alternative to a fenced yard is a tree-to-tree or house-to-garage wire with a pulley or glide that holds a chain. A visit to a pet supply or hardware store and a little ingenuity will provide an outside exercise and toilet area for your dog. The dog must not be able to reach the public sidewalk or neighbor's property.

Saint Paul Regulations

  • Electronic fences are not legal restraints in Saint Paul.
  • Chain restraints should be considered temporary.
  • Cats can be leash-trained.
  • You can use a chain or tether fastened to a stationary object to confine your pet to your property. However, City ordinance restricts the time animals can be attached to these restraints to no more than two hours.

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Last Edited: March 2, 2017