Tips for Prevention of Barking

Barks When Alone

Try leaving a radio on. This may calm your pet by making it think that you are home. Get your dog used to being in a closed room or basement by using the following method:

  • Say "good dog" and close the door.
  • If your pet starts to bark or howl, open the door and say, "Quiet!" and leave again.
  • If the dog barks again, repeat the command with more force.

Try to convince your dog that you will always be there to scold it if it barks. Increase the amount of time you leave your dog alone until it is comfortable being alone for long periods of time.

Barks During the Night

Feed your dog late in the evening so it will be drowsy and sleep through most of the night. It is best to bring your pet inside for the night.

Barks at any Little Noise

Your dog may need special attention. Your dog may bark at the arrival of the mail carrier, cars passing by, or the presence of another animal. Help your dog adjust to noises by using the following method:

  • Set up a situation where you know your dog will bark.
  • When your dog barks, firmly say, "Quiet!".
  • To reinforce the command slap a rolled newspaper on your hand, not the dog, until he understands the command.

Barks Non-Stop

If the above method does not work, speak to your dog again with a commanding, "Quiet!". If the dog still doesn't understand, gently hold its mouth closed for a moment and say, "Quiet!". Be gentle and careful not to cut off breathing.

Is Usually Tied Up

It is important to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible. It should have shelter, fresh water, and food. Make sure your dog cannot tangle itself up in the line it is tied with. Your dog needs enough room to move without stepping in its own feed, water, or feces. Give your dog much attention when you are home and set aside time each day to play with your pet.

A barking dog is often a bored dog that gets no exercise or affection. Happy, healthy, well-trained dogs usually do not bark unnecessarily.

If these methods don't work ...

You may want to contact a reputable obedience training school. A trained dog will stop barking on command. Obedience school will also help to control your dog in other situations.Return to brochure table of contents