Adoption Fees

The adoption fee for Saint Paul residents is $50.00 per animal plus tax. 

Boarding Fees

If your animal is impounded by Animal Control, there is a $19.00 charge per day or fraction thereof, plus tax for board and care. Boarding fees apply to impounded and seized animals only. Animal Control does not provide boarding of animals to the general public.

Impounding Fees

If your animal is impounded by Animal Control, there is a minimum $35.00 impound fee. Additional fees may be added depending on the the circumstances, including whether or not your pet was previously impounded. In addition to the impound fee, there will be a daily boarding fee, a license fee - if necessary, and appropriate penalty fees.

Penalty Fees

If your dog is impounded and not currently licensed, there is a $51.00 penalty fee. If your dog is impounded for running at large and is not spayed or neutered, the penalty fees range from $102.00 to $204.00.

Veterinary Care

You are required to pay the cost of any veterinary care provided to your pet while its at Saint Paul Animal Control. This may include: rabies vaccination, microchipping, other necessary treatments.

Leash, Collar, Carrier

Animals must leave Saint Paul Animal Control properly confined. If you do not bring your pet's leash, collar, or carrier, you will be required to purchase one before your pet can leave.

Last Edited: April 2, 2021