General Information

A license is required for all who are engaged in the business of building or repairing that portion of the house or building sewer extending from the property line to the main sewer or other outlet in the City of Saint Paul. All applicants are required to have a current Public Works Certified House Sewer Worker listed on their application. Please contact The Department of Public Works directly at 651-266-6253 to obtain this certification prior to making application or click on this link for more information.

Code Requirements

See Chapter 338 of the Saint Paul Legislative Code for information about house sewer contractors.

Application Requirements

Prior to application, an appointment should be made to meet with Saint Paul Public Works for approval. You must submit the following:

  • DSI Class R License Application
  • $10,000.00 License and Permit Bond
  • Certificate of Insurance: Public Liability coverage in the amount of $250,000 per person and $500,000 per accident; $150,000 to a maximum of $200,000 property damage. The City of Saint Paul must be named as an additional insured, and there must be a 30-day notice of cancelation.
  • The required fee

NOTE: The bond and insurance certificate must be obtained from an agency authorized to do business in the State of Minnesota.  The bond and insurance expiration dates must coincide, or be written continuous until canceled.

If you have questions, contact DSI at 651-266-8989, or email the DSI Message Center.


See Fee Table for current License fees.


A House Sewer Contractor License may be renewed annually.  However, the expiration date of your license will be determined by the expiration date of the bond and insurance you submit with your applications.

Last Edited: November 9, 2023