To ensure the quality of workmanship on buildings and structures within the City of Saint Paul, and to safeguard public health and welfare, certificates of competency are required of skilled workers in specific building trades. The state Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) has a search tool that allows you to see if a person or company has a current license, bond, certificate or registration issued by DLI. Access the License and Registration Lookup portal

Different classes of certificates are specified under each type of work to recognize levels of expertise. For details about certificate requirements, please see the Saint Paul Legislative Code, Chapter 370. View the Legislative Code on Municode.

Trade Licenses

Competency Card Information

For each of the trades listed you will need to contact the senior inspector using the contact information provided below. Requirements for the competency exams are listed as well.  

Trade Worker Registration

Information may be found below.

Last Edited: March 5, 2024