Permits for interior demolition are classified as general building permits (see General Building). 

Who can apply for a demolition permit?

Licensed Wrecking Contractors may obtain a permit to demolish dwelling units of any size or commercial buildings. Follow this link for information on obtaining a Wrecking License with the City of Saint Paul.

Homeowners may obtain a permit to demolish a residential garage without a license but cannot obtain permits to demolish any residential dwelling unit.

What is required?

A completed Demo Permit Application: all required sign offs must be obtained prior to submitting the application to DSI. (Note, a demolition permit for a residential garage does not require sign offs except for Heritage Preservation Office if it is a locally designated property.)

Demolition Permit Application

See below for methods of submitting your demolition permit application form for sign offs.

  • Public Works Address: City Hall Annex, 25  4th St W, 10th floor  
  • Public Works Sewers: City Hall Annex, 25  4th St W, 7th floor
  • Saint Paul Regional Water Services: 1900 Rice St, Maplewood 
    • Fax: 651-266-1657 
    • Email:
    • Requirements for Water sign off:
      • A plumber shall pull a permit and do the cut off at the property line.
      • Contact engineering at 651-266-6270 to get cut-off inspected.
      • Contact meter department at 651-266-6850 to either
        • Get the meter pulled (if entry to the building is possible) or
        • Do a final bill with a lost / stolen meter charge.
      • Once the final bill is paid and the cut-off inspected, SPRWS can sign off on the demo permit application.
  • Extermination / Animal Control
    • Baiting is required for demolition of all structures except for residential garages
    • The pest control agency shall set the bait and schedule an inspection with Animal Control at the site 3 days later. The bait is removed during the walk through with the Animal Control Field Agent.
    • Baiting may not be required in the case of a dangerous structure.
    • Call the Animal Control division at 651-266-1100
  • Heritage Preservation Office: City Hall Annex, 25  4th St W, 14th floor
  • Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI): The completed demolition permit application with all required sign offs may be submitted by the following methods:
  • Sewer Availability Charge (SAC) Determination: A SAC determination from Metropolitan Council is required to obtain credits on buildings being demolished. (Exceptions: One- and Two-Family dwelling units are assigned 1 SAC credit per unit with no determination required.)

Ramsey County Pre-demolition Inspection

Ramsey County must complete a pre-demolition inspection for all full house demolitions and all commercial/industrial major renovations and demolitions. Proper recycling or disposal is enforced for appliances, asbestos, electronics and any other hazardous waste. Follow this link to the Ramsey County Pre-Demolition Inspections information page for contact information.

One- and Two-unit Residential Home Demolition

To ensure that neighbors directly affected by demolition work are informed of the project and made aware of the process for reporting violations, and that the demolition contractor is made aware of and follows the rules and regulations with respect to the management of work sites, the City requires all contractors complete and sign the Construction Management Acknowledgment form and submit with the demolition permit application for the demolition of one- and two-unit residential homes. Follow this link for the Construction Management Acknowledgment Form.

Upon submission of the above items, you must receive approval from the area building inspector.

Inspections: Contact Building Inspectors at 651-266-9002 between the hours of 7:30 am - 9:00 am weekdays.


A zoning review fee will be charged for each structure. The zoning fee may be waived for accessory residential garage if removed at the same time as principal structure or when the demolition is to accommodate new construction and there is an active site plan under review under way for the new construction.

Description Amount
Per one thousand (1,000) cubic feet or fraction thereof $5.00
Minimum Permit Fee $85.00
Zoning Review Fee $90.00

Last Edited: July 20, 2023