Building Plan Review

General Overview

Plan Review coordinates the approval processes for building permit review and issuance. Examiners can not design projects. They provide the following services:

  • Coordinate the overall approval of plans with appropriate code disciplines (Electrical, HVAC, Zoning, etc.)
  • Review building plans for conformance with state and federal building codes and local ordinances governing construction
  • Answer questions about a design relating to code
  • For more information, see Building information and handouts​

Guidance on new Minnesota State Building Codes adopted March 31, 2020

Commercial New, Addition and Remodel Projects are now eligible for Electronic Plan Review!

St. Paul now offers electronic plan review for Commercial New, Addition and Remodel Projects.

Paper applications must still be submitted to the Department of Safety and Inspections (375 Jackson St) via mail or email (

If you choose to have your project reviewed this way,  you will upload all plans to our Eplan software: ProjectDox, receive all reviewer comments online and be able to download stamped plans as soon as they are ready.

For more information on ProjectDox, visit our Electronic Plan Review Homepage


State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry State Building Codes webpage   

Contact Information for Plan Examiners

  • James Williamette             Plan Review Supervisor                     651-266-9077
  • Dori Dufresne                      Plan Examiner II                                  651-266-9070
  • John Skradski                     Plan Examiner II                                  651-266-9075
  • Steve Grandstrand             Plan Examiner II                                  651-266-9076
  • Kari Hilleson                       Plan Examiner II                                  651-266-9074
  • Melissa Doody                   Plan Examiner I                                   651-266-9071
  • Sean Enright                       Plan Examiner I                                   651-266-9073
  • Susan Tellers                      Plan Examiner I                                   651-266-9084
  • Brian Karpen                      Structural Engineer                              651-266-9072