Building Plan Review

General Overview

Plan Review coordinates the approval processes for building permit review and issuance. Examiners can not design projects. They provide the following services:

  • Coordinate the overall approval of plans with appropriate code disciplines (Electrical, HVAC, Zoning, etc.)
  • Review building plans for conformance with state and federal building codes and local ordinances governing construction
  • Answer questions about a design relating to code
  • Further information see Building information and handouts.

State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry State Building Codes webpage

Contact Information for Plan Examiners

  • James Williamette           Plan Review Supervisor 651-266-9077
  • Dori Dufresne                    Plan Examiner II              651-266-9070
  • Steve Grandstrand           Plan Examiner II              651-266-9076
  • John Skradski                   Plan Examiner II              651-266-9075
  • Melissa Doody                 Plan Examiner I               651-266-9071
  • Sean Enright                     Plan Examiner I               651-266-9073
  • Kari Hilleson                     Plan Examiner II              651-266-9074
  • Jonathan Reisetter          Plan Examiner I               651-266-9119
  • Brian Karpen                     Structural Engineer         651-266-9072