Animals must be licensed annually and have up-to-date rabies shots. A one-time lifetime license is available for an animal which has been implanted with a microchip.

Residents are allowed three licensed dogs without a permit.

Fences & Restraints

Dogs must be leashed on a six-foot or shorter leash or confined in a fenced yard when outside. They should not be allowed to run loose. Dogs running loose can be picked up and taken to Animal Control.

Barking Disturbances

Dogs must not be allowed to howl, yelp, or bark to the reasonable annoyance of another person.

Upon first complaint, the City will attempt to issue an advisement to the dog owner. Any subsequent offenses or complaints could result in citations or impoundment of the animal.

Two witnesses, or an Officer and one witness, willing to testify that the violation was observed are necessary before the citation or impoundment can occur.


Owners must not allow animals to litter. Instead, you must pick up your dog's litter. You must carry a bag or pick-up device as evidence you can pick up after your dog.

Biting & Scratching

Animals must not bite or scratch. A dog, cat, or ferret will be placed on a ten-day quarantine if this occurs.

Possible further action could be that the dog is declared dangerous, potentially dangerous, or even ordered destroyed.

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Last Edited: March 2, 2017