Demolition Permit & Inspections

Licensed Wrecking Contractors may obtain a permit to demolish dwelling units of any size or commercial buildings. Homeowners may obtain a permit to demolish a residential garage without a license but cannot obtain permits to demolish any residential dwelling unit. Permits for interior demolition are classified as general building permits (see General Building). 

Upon submission of the above items, you must receive approval from the area building inspector.

Inspections Contact Building Inspectors at 651-266-9002 between the hours of 7:30 am - 9:00 am weekdays.


A zoning review fee will be charged for each structure. The zoning fee may be waived for accessory residential garage if removed at the same time as principal structure or when the demolition is to accommodate new construction and there is an active site plan under review under way for the new construction.



Per on thousand (1,000) cubic feet or fraction thereof


Minimum Permit Fee


Zoning Review Fee $90.00